The Ultimate Action Package for 4 people

From AUD $997.00
  • Duration: 3 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Vivonne Bay, SA
  • Product code: UAP
Total Value is $1,681  Your Investment $997  YOU SAVE $681

Experience all the best activities on Kangaroo Island with a Couples Extreme Pack. Activities include sand boarding, kayaking and quad biking, which is the best way to get some adventure into your holiday.

Starting near beautiful Vivonne Bay, enjoy some of the most picturesque scenery on Kangaroo Island with views of the Southern Ocean, a visit to a remote beach which has been rated as one of the top 100 surf beaches in Australia, stand on top of dunes 70m above sea level and enjoy the peacefulness of the Harriet River. 

The pack can be taken as one full day of adventure, or try a new activity each day.

Your package includes:
  • Edge of the Earth Quad Adventure for four people (3 hours)
  • Private Tour Upgrade
  • Hire of 4 Single Kayaks (Up to 4 hours)
  • Hire of 4 sand boards and/or toboggans for all day boarding at Little Sahara (Unlimited Use)
  • Hire of 4 helmets for boarding (Unlimited Use)
Welcome to the Edge of the Earth. We provide helmets, goggles and gloves, and all tours start with getting the safety gear on before we head out to the practice track. Following instruction on safe riding and operation of a quad, you will do laps of the practice track until you feel safe and comfortable. 

Then you'll head off on tour with an experienced guide. This tour is suitable for everyone from first time to experienced riders, and every tour is adapted to the riders abilities. Minimum age for a rider on the Extreme Quad Adventure is 12 years, younger participants can take part as a passenger with the guide. 

The first part of the tour is along an open trail, giving you time to get comfortable on your bike before we go through some winding bush trails, there's big sandy berms which are great fun to ride on, through the trees is our favourite section of track.

The tour then heads through some farm land which is flat and smooth, giving you the chance to ride quicker, you get to go as fast as you feel safe and comfortable, but at no time is there any pressure to keep up with other riders. There's plenty to see along the way, depending on the weather and time of year we can see kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, goannas, echidnas and eagles. As this is the longest tour on offer, there's a much higher chance you'll see more wildlife. 

After driving through grassland for a while and making a few stops along the way, we ride through the awesome yacca trails, winding through the bushes and heading toward our rougher tracks. The quite technical rocky trails take you down to the coast, the trails vary from smooth to rough, with big sweeping corners and rocks, there's lots of variety. 

Arriving at the coast you'll be visiting one of Australia's top 100 surf beaches and get a view of the Southern Ocean that very few people see. Occasionally we see surfers, but it's very remote and inaccessible so is not widely known about. We'll have time to walk on the beach, and this is where if you're lucky you'll get to see some endangered birds including Hooded Plovers, the White Bellied Sea Eagle, along with Sooty Terns, Pacific Gulls, and more. 

Cape Kersaint is a special place, and we do our part to help keep it beautiful by picking up any rubbish that gets washed up with the tides. The guide will provide a bag to take back any rubbish we find. 

There's more stops on the way home, depending on what you want to see we have the chance to stop at a yacca and learn about the explosive properties of the resin, or the use of the yacca as a bush food.

This is the absolute best tour we do, you won't feel disappointed, you will feel it the next day and you'll know that you've turned your holiday into an adventure. Cheers!

Your package also includes Kayaking. We'll give you life jackets, back rests and paddles, then take you to the Harriet River and help you launch the double kayak to get you started. With up to four hours on the river, you'll be able to paddle for approximately for four to five kilometres each way. There's often fish jumping out of the water, and there are plenty of birds to observe. It's a perfect way to relax with a partner or friend, and enjoy the peacefulness of Kangaroo Island.

Just in case you have any energy left, we've included a day of boarding at Little Sahara. With dunes towering up to 70m above sea level, the view is spectacular. With a choice of sand boards and toboggans, you can choose whether you stand up or sit down. Start on the smaller slopes and work your way up, it won't be long before you're flying down the dunes. We'll give you bees wax to help the board slide, and guarantee that your board will slide on both wet and dry sand.